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How is life after amputation?

Limb amputation is the curative treatment for nonviable for non-salvageable limb. Patients who undergo major or minor limb amputation may have to change major modifications in the lifestyle for their disabilities. Patients who undergo major limb amputation such as above the knee amputation have to spend up to 60% more energy to ambulate care to healthy individuals. Many patients will undergo major limb amputation mean have to utilize wheelchair or motorized scooters to get their chores done.

However, the goal of major limb amputation is to achieve complete one healing and improving quality of life by giving the patient second chance to live without infection, pain and open wound. It is very critical to identify the best level of amputation for every patient. Patients with nonhealing wounds and welding the foot and lower legs should seek a consultation with vascular surgeon regarding the process of living amputation.

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