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Reticular Veins

Reticular Veins

What is a reticular vein? These are small varicose veins that are in very close proximity to the skin's surface. Reticular veins are usually seen in premenopausal women with a history of one or two pregnancies. There is a false belief among some women that the fetus's weight or size during pregnancy contributes to the formation of these cosmetically undesirable veins.


The appearance of reticular veins may have to do more with progesterone surge during pregnancy or menstrual cycles than the fetus itself. Some people may have a genetic inheritance for forms of reticular veins as well. Regardless of the risk factors, these diseased veins are cosmetically very undesirable. They can be painful as well, especially during the menstrual cycle. The reticular veins are benign, and they don't pose any significant health problems. Over time, just like larger varicose veins, they can form thrombosis and or skin ulceration and may start to bleed. Bleeding in public places can be very embarrassing and traumatic to patients – especially in a city like Los Angeles or Long Beach. Treatment of these veins is usually for cosmetic improvement of the legs.


The primary treatment for reticular veins is sclerotherapy in the physician's offices. The treatments are done in short visits to the vascular surgeon, depending on the extent of these veins. The results are best seen two to three weeks after successful treatment. It is highly suggested to avoid sunlight exposure until the treatment is complete to prevent permanent skin marks.


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