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Welcome to Aurses Healthcare

We are a team of dedicated medical practitioners whose main purpose is providing quality healthcare in a friendly and professional environment. In addition to that, we are utilizing the latest technology in vascular and general surgery with extensive experience and expertise.


Our Mission Statements

Aurses Healthcare was founded to create a surgical practice that offers centralized and comprehensive surgical care unique from the other Long Beach doctors within the community.

We offer minimally invasive, on-site procedures aimed to cater to patients receiving medical care in an outpatient setting. In this manner, we’re able to reduce the number of times a patient visits our office and minimize any hospitalizations, aligning with one of our main goals.

In our practice, we champion doctor-patient relationships and provide a comfortable environment for our patients to ask any question without being pressured to see their physician shortly afterwards.


We are also a surgical clinic that provides consultations for both vascular and general surgical problems. We value our patients’ time and effort and fully utilize new technology so patients can connect with us remotely through the following innovative access points:

Online appointment scheduling
Receipt of patient requests through texting and automated systems
24/7 responses to patients


In relation to this, we commit to accepting new patients within one week and within 24 hours for those patients with urgent needs. Our clinic is capable of addressing patients with dialysis access problems without the patient needing to go to the emergency room.

We utilize the latest technologies such as DaVinci robotic assisted laparoscopic procedures to perform hernia surgeries, gallbladder surgeries and colorectal procedures that lessen hospital stays significantly.

Our goal is to accommodate our patients in a more streamlined way, shorten hospital stays, and perform procedures specifically in those minimally invasive ways.

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Lakewood Regional Medical Center
Easy Choice Health Plan
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About Us

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