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Spider Veins

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Spider Veins

The spider veins are a smaller version of the reticular veins. They are more closure to the surface of the skin. They can form a network just like a spider web. The spider angiomas can be connected to a more extensive network of reticular veins.


After successful treatment of the reticular veins, the spider vein will also disappear as well. Many patients do not seek treatment early on. The blood will clot within the spider veins and turn into a permanent stain on the skin. These patients may benefit from other treatment modes, such as resurfacing the skin with a laser beam or exfoliation methods with a wide range of final results. Some physicians may advocate for micro-phlebectomy to disrupt the network of these diseased small varicose veins physically. Overall, the best action is to seek treatment as soon as possible and discuss the treatment methods with a board-certified vascular surgeon.


At Aurses Healthcare's office, We provide a comprehensive screening using the latest ultrasound technology.
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