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Comprehensive surgical wound

His culmination of symptom that occurs usually 1 to 2 years after the patient is experiencing deep venous thrombosis (DVT). His symptoms are but not limited to, swelling, pain, heaviness, skin pigmentation and/or ulceration in the affected leg.

These patients may have obstructed venous disease caused by an old scar within the lumen of the deep vein from heating after being diagnosed with venous thrombosis. If you have a history of DVT and have symptoms, please call us with an appointment with the board-certified vascular surgeon.

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Venous ulcers are localized inflammation of the skin with ulceration due to venous hypertension of the underlying venous drainage system. The venous system in our body takes the blood from the tissue to the heart. The majority of veins brushing her legs have valves prevent flux of blood back and ensure steady flow toward the heart. When the valves do not function properly in the blood leaks through the valves it creates will be called venous reflux disease or venous insufficiency. Over a long period of time, the vein tends to get larger, painful, and create skin pigmentation and or ulceration.

Patients with venous insufficiency in the legs not only experience cosmetic problems such as large varicose veins look very unappealing, but they also have symptoms such as heaviness, muscle cramps, tiredness, skin itching, skin pigmentation or painful ulceration. Patients with venous insufficiency are usually diagnosed with specialized ultrasonography tests. After the proper diagnosis, the best method of treatment is the invasive procedure to permanently close the diseased vein. For further information please with an appointment with our board-certified each vascular surgeon.

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Pressure ulcers, bedsores, decubitus ulcers are local damage to skiing and or subcutaneous tissue muscle or bone due to localized pressure to this skin and its underlying tissues over bony prominence over time. There are four Stages of the pressure ulcer based on the involvement of skin with its underlying tissues. If it is not possible to stage the underlying tissue, then it is called an Unstageable pressure ulcer.

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Osteomyelitis is referred to the inflammation of the bone or the bone marrow due to infection. Osteomyelitis can occur at any age. Patients with poorly controlled diabetes or PAD are usually at a higher risk of developing osteomyelitis. When osteomyelitis is present is very hard to heal a wound without encountering small sinus drainage.

The patient was osteomyelitis have periods of flaring or recurrent infection can be treated with antibiotics. Treatment of osteomyelitis can be challenging time. The majority of times patients require surgical procedures to remove the infected part of the bone.

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Wound care physician is a medical doctor who has extra training in evaluation, initial medical management of a wound. Wound care surgeon has expertise in surgical knowledge to evaluate, medically manage, and surgically treat the wound to achieve complete healing with using traditional and or innovative surgical tissue repairing techniques. The majority of the wound care centers employ wound care physicians to manage and conservatively treat wounds with their goal set at reducing the size of the wound over a period.

At Aurses Healthcare, we define success when the wound is completely closed in the shortest time. Our clinic evaluates the patient for the root cause of the nonhealing wounds and devised the best medical and surgical procedures for complete wound closure. The methods we use to achieve this goal are, treatment of hyperglycemia, re-routing stool stream, treating venous and arterial insufficiencies, cleaning the wound with surgical debridement and covering the wound with tissue flaps, skin grafts, or encouraging the wound healing with embryonic tissue and other advanced methods.

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